"In 2010 I fractured my spine while on assignment. After I had recovered I needed to get into a strength-training program that would allow me to work around the injury and rebuild my physical wellbeing—stronger legs, stronger abs, stronger arms and shoulders, and a stronger back. Sue’s training dovetailed with my physiotherapy treatments and eventually replaced them. The workouts are tough, but working with Sue is fun. She is a friendly taskmaster: Standing planks on the TRX: “Take your butt with you, shoulder back, chest up, no limp wrist, four more reps, breathe.” Sue is a master trainer and the master of the double entendre."

Patrick Armstrong - Sustainability Guru & Documentary Photographer 



"I have been training with Sue Dawson for over 4 years due to an illness that restricted mobility and caused pain. Sue has been a tremendous mentor/coach/trainer in ensuring that I am on the right path to better health each day. Due to her compassion to understand my condition, dedication to and meet me where my body is at and above all, her free spirit that is full of humour, she makes my training enjoyable, fun and yet highly effective! I would recommend Sue’s services without question to anyone that desires to enhance their health in a way that you feel alive rather than just living day by day!"

Jivi Cheema - Corporate Mindfulness Consultant



"Sue Dawson changed my life! I had finally made the decision to get into shape and I knew I could not do it alone. There isn't a moment that I regret the investment I made with her... it far exceeds anything that I could have imagined. This investment in my life has paid off tenfold. Thank you Sue! "

Suzanne Stenmark - Senior Sales Rep Lifetime Cookware 



"Thank you so much for everything you've done for me. I have never seen changes in my body and performance like I have since I started seeing Sue. Her attention to my form and the awareness she brings to my work outs has kept me from injury and actually helped me heal past issues, moving me forward in ways I could have never imagined.

My chiropractor has noticed and so have I. My clothes fit better. I have a clear picture for what fuel is good for my body and what to do to operate at an optimal level. Her guidance is multifaceted

Her workouts are intense but for the first time Ive experienced a trainer who doesn't push me past the point of safe recovery. I have a tenancy to push myself so hard that I walk funny for days. Which now I realize is just me compensating in my movements for the incredibly sore muscles which, as Sue and my Chiropractor have taught me, isn't good for my body. It works short term but its not sustainable and its not good for my injury.

Over all I now finally have a coach who keeps me going and keeps me in line both literally in my work outs, and emotionally when I want to do or try things that aren't safe for me. But we work together to build my body to the point where I can safely do things I couldn't have dreamed. After my car accident I never thought Id be able to run again. But there we were last week running around a track. Its freeing to be painless when I live day to day and in the physical activities we have worked towards having me do safely, like running again. Its amazing to have the guidance I need to keep moving forward in a productive way that continues to get results.

Anyone who is looking to heal the pain they have come to live with every day, move in ways they never thought they'd be able to again, and get back or start doing some physical activity they have always wanted to do or get back to, Sue is the best. She will work with you and teach you proper form so that you can do more with your body mind and spirit.

Thank you for everything and I look forward to conquer our crazy Mudderella adventure together!" 

Shanda Wright - Marketing Professional